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The Earth is lumpy.

I was not aware of this. thank you

this makes so much sense but it makes me so uncomfortable 

i wish i hadn’t seen this

One time my bf was telling me about people who argue about intelligent creation by saying “the earth is perfectly round!” And I said “but it isn’t!” And he was so proud of me

This isn’t the shape of the earth! The earth isn’t perfectly spherical, but it’s an oblate spheroid, which basically means it’s slightly egg-shaped, but not enough that you’d notice it.

This is an actual photograph of the earth, taken by Apollo 17, nicknamed the Blue Marble photo:

So, what is that thing in OP’s gif? It’s actually a geoid, known as the Potsdam Gravity Potato, which is incidentally the best name for a science thing ever. It shows the strength of the earth’s gravitational field! The red areas are high-gravity ares, and the blue areas are low-gravity areas.


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